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Ready Steady Go!!!!

Thanks to everyone who completed my little survey. I will collate the results and send them to you soon.

From Saturday. 3rd September, Chat and Ride will be on Saturdays. Starting at 11 and finishing around 1pm. If you prepay your place at Chat and Ride then it is only £10 (non refundable) or turn up on the day and pay £15. This is a significant saving from previous Chat and Ride sessions.

Lessons can be booked starting 1st September. One to one lessons are still just £25 if you come to me or £40 if I have to travel out to you. This is due to increasing fuel prices - sorry!!

Group lessons are £15 per person with maximum groups of 4 if you come to me or £25 per person if I travel to you.

Looking forward to catching up with everyone soon!!

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