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Can you help Jan and Thor?

As most of your know, Jan Gay's Thor has been lame for quite a while now. He had a puncture wound and had surgery to remove a bone chip. He has been on box rest for some time and does not cope well with being shut in. Thor was Jan's 'dream horse' and I know many of you have watched their journey together at clinics, shows, etc.

Her vet's are basically at a loss now as to why he is lame and Jan is running out of money to have a second opinion. She was in the middle of insuring him when he injured himself during that awful storm we had in the middle of the night.

It's a situation none of us want to find ourselves in and we know times are tough and Christmas is fast approaching but if you can afford just £5 to put towards her next round of vet's fee that would be totally awesome. If you can afford more then even better!

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