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Margaret Frost.jpg

“Just to say Pauline has been a fantastic coach. Always encouraging and so good at explaining how and why things are done and how to get the best out of your horse. Working with you to find better ways when things go wrong or you don't quite understand . She has been my inspiration and I have come on leaps and bounds .Lessons are fun, lively and I come away with a smile ..”

— Margaret Frost

Caroline Sherwood.jpg

“Pauline always takes the time to make things interesting and informative without becoming boring for horse or rider.  She comes up with some very interesting ideas and gadgets!!🤣
I have had some moments of 'I would love to do that but cant', and pauline is always that encouraging driving force that inspires you to strive for a goal, no matter how big or small it may be, and with her guidance I have already achieved things I never thought possible
Over lock down she has still been there with helpful videos for her clients to practise, and I've sent videos in which she has helped me with.
I would highly recommend Pauline she is totally fabulous.”

— Caroline Harris

Jackie Nickless.jpg

“Pauline is a lovely coach. Even when you're feeling a bit overwhelmed or frustrated that you can't get something, she is very patient and has a way of explaining that keeps your dignity intact...but at the same time, she gets to know you and your horse well enough that she can see what you're capable of and push you both a little bit. I come out of a lesson really feeling I've really achieved something! Thanks Pauline xx.”

— Jackie Nickless

“I have received coaching from Pauline for the last 3 or 4 years. Pauline is a very kind and sympathetic coach who, will push you because she knows you can achieve something, but will know when to stop pushing you, before you have a wobble! I love that Pauline can adapt in how she teaches - if you don’t understand something, Pauline will find another way to explain it. I am forever grateful that Pauline has helped me grow confidence with my horse but most importantly, Pauline reminds us to have fun with our horse.”

— Natalie and Saladin

Pennie Clayton.jpg

“Pauline is inspiring, never stops learning and is always encouraging. It is a pleasure to learn from her, and I always do whenever I chat with her or when I watch her coaching. I don't do Western but it actually doesn't matter as there is always something I can learn from her which helps me with my own coaching and teaching..”

— Pennie Clayton

Caroline Biggs.jpg

“Myself and my horse have had the pleasure of knowing Pauline for a few years now. Pauline is such a patient coach and is so encouraging. She has helped me with everything from showmanship and trail to western dressage and even jumping - basically whatever I want to try Pauline is willing to help with! Always finish a session with Pauline feeling like I've achieved something. Forever grateful!”

— Caroline and Sherman

Connie gate.jpg

“Pauline is by far the most inspriational coach I have ever met.  She made me feel that everything is achievable and it's done in such a positive, interesting way.  Without fail I left every lesson feeling motivated, with a huge smile and couldn't wait for my next session. She made my dream of riding Western on my English trained horse a reality.  Even though I am now 100s of miles away I still have her voice in my head! ”

— Karen and Connie

Carol Adams.jpg

“Pauline is a great coach. Even when you're lacking in confidence and feeling frustrated with yourself, she is very patient and understanding. Allowing you space to work through your issues, which result in small achievements which help raise your confidence and instilling the desire to try and stretch yourself. Thank you Pauline xx.”

— Carol Adams

Sue and Dusty.jpg

“I can highly recommend Pauline Brimson as a coach .. Her encouragement and understanding of the horse and the rider .  Her ability to adapt for better understanding . Her love and passion of the sport.  She is very good at encouraging you and pushing you without you realising and understanding when not to also.. Lessons , clinics and shows are always fun whether your a rider or a spectator and always made to feel welcomed ...”

— Sue and Dusty

Deb Rowles Jones.jpg

“As a coach Pauline is calm and empathetic. She has a natural ability to read people and horses so subsequently her teaching is kind and always on point. A few years ago I suffered an accident that has left me mildly disabled and Pauline has gently moved me from a quivering wreck that was terrified at getting back in the saddle to an older lady who now rides with the confidence that she had 20 years ago! I am forever full of gratitude 🙏 x

— Deb Rowles Jones

Olla Habbits.jpg

“Where do I start with how Pauline has helped me and my horse.  She has taken me and Harry from being complete novices at Western to achieving a first in a novice walk/jog class, which was no mean feat. I had major confidence and nerve issues and her patience, calmness and reassuring manner has transformed me to enjoy riding once more. She has helped me with Harry in so many ways  ... I can't believe how we've progressed in two years. ”

— Sally-Anne Chamberlain

“Pauline has been a god send, her method of teaching and understanding of both riders and horses are what has galvanised me back to riding after years of not.  She brings fun to the lessons in a clear knowledgeable way allowing you to grow with your horse.  She isn't frightened of pushing you out of your comfort zone but does this in a way that you can cope.  Lessons end with you feeling uplifted and with homework to takeaway.”

— Kate Walsh

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