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Fun Day - Classes for Everyone!! 19th June 2022

Here is the Timetable for the Fun Day on Sunday, 19th June. There should be something for everyone, in hand, walk and jog or full blown western classes. The atmosphere will be welcoming, supportive and great fun!

The popular Joker is back too! If you make a complete mess of your pattern then you can play your Joker and have another go!! Only one Joker per rider though!

Look out for some slightly different classes, like Horseage - a cross between a Horsemanship pattern and a dressage test. This innovative class will allow you to show off all your training from side passes to accurate centre lines!

If you don't like competing or get paralysed by nerves then this is the perfect place to start. The Judges are there to help and guided and qualified coaches will also be on hand if you need them.

The patterns will follow shortly so you can get practising!!!

Schedule 2022 (2)
Download PDF • 186KB

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